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Statues , statuettes, Tibetan Singing Bowls , Indian padlock Tibetan prayer mills and brass objects of different patinas . All these Indian brasss are made in Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Singing and prayer wheels bowls are made in Nepal. All prayer wheels are loaded with mantras on scrolls.

Indian bronzes 


  • Tibetan prayer wheel
    Tibetan prayer wheels . All the mills are charged ( parchment inside with mantras ) .
  • Bronze statues
    Statues , Indian bronze statues of different patinas . All these bronzes are made in Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.
  • singing bowls
    Singing bowls from Nepal handicrafts . These bowls have a sculpted interior (Buddha or other) and damask on the outside. Tibetan bowls are traditionally made of an alloy of seven metals, each of which is linked to the 7 planets of the solar system. You can use the Tibetan bowl in several ways. The easiest way is to make it sound by striking it with a mallet ( puja ) covered with felt like we hit a gong . And can also hold the bowl on the palm wide open and have a wooden stick all around . The motion must be seconded and quite slow. This gives a very pure sound that will rise gradually , and transmit the vibrations to the body by means of the palm . When you stop the movement , the sound gradually disappears . From the point of percussion , the sound may take several minutes. The effect is particularly soothing and gives a feeling of pleasant expansion. You can also use Tibetan bowl to bring well-being and serenity during a session of relaxation or massage.
  • Indian padlock
    Indian padlock representing various Indian deities or the effigy of animals.