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Old and new Indian furniture made in Rajasthan in the North of India. The wood used is rosewood and mango trees. After complete drying, the furniture is waxed or painted by hand. All our dimensions are expressed in: Width x Depth x height. Contact us for more details on interior dimensions and / or more photos on the product.

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  • Old Indian furniture

    Old Indian furniture based or old parts . It is restored or made wholly or partly of old coins recovered in Rajasthan furniture. Dimensions shown in : Width x Depth x Height . Contact us for more details on the internal dimensions and / or more pictures on the product.

  • Furniture teak & rosewood

    Indian furniture made entirely of solid rosewood . We certify a good wood drying before production to ensure that your furniture will not crack when you get home . The name is in Hindi rosewood SEESHAM it is the most beautiful wood species . All these furniture are made of solid rosewood. Dimensions shown in : Width x Depth x Height . Contact us for more details on the internal dimensions and / or more pictures on the product.

  • Indian painted furniture

    Indian furniture hand painted. The wood is rosewood and mango. All the furniture is made in Rajasthan in northern India. After complete drying, the furniture is waxed, paint is then frozen. Dimensions shown in: Width x Depth x Height. Contact us for more details on the internal dimensions and / or more pictures on the product.

  • Aviator range
    Very beautiful range of wooden furniture covered with stainless steel plates are made as aircraft cabins.
    This furniture is manufactured in Rajasthan in northern India!
  • Tibetan furniture

    Wide range of furniture tibétains.Les Interiors also works closely with the best craftsmen and manufacturers of furniture and Tibetan . All these Tibetan Furniture remain loyal and are in total harmony with the colorful history of Tibet and meet the requirement of the West for painted wooden furniture and quality. Tibetan style , made with taste, is easily integrated into an even modern rustic decor ...

  • Chinese furniture

    Chinese furniture GANSU . All the furnishings are from the craftsmanship of this province. The name of Gansu is a compound name, used for the first time the time of the Song dynasty , consisting of the two prefectures of Sui and Tang dynasties : Gan ( around Zhangye ) and Su ( around Jiuquan ) .

  • Indian Furniture TV

    A wide range of furniture for television. Flat screen or not, this range is sure to meet your expectations. All these Indian rosewood furniture , recycled teak or mango .

  • Indian screens
    Indian screen and headboard mango or rosewood. Hand painted or natural, we offer 2 sizes (200x180 and 168x138 cm) and a multitude of colors and themes. Obviously all screens are painted or weathered both sides.
  • Indian mirrors

    Indian mirrors hand-painted or carved . Old or new mirrors made through Indian craft techniques.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 156 items